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I will use this page to put in any jazzy oddments that might come my way...all contributions will be welcome (legal and (reasonably) clean please!).
The late, great Peter Cotterill talks drums, films and more on Radio 4.
This was one of a series of programmes by Mel Hill featuring top jazz musicians such as John Dankworth, and this one had more complimentary comments from the radio audience than all the others put together!

A 25 minute Radio 4 programme presented by Mel Hill about one of the Midlands' greatest drummers, Peter Cotterill. Pete died in March 2005 but during his career in jazz played for the likes of Max Collie and was well known for his association with the legendary Tommy Burton.

The CD of this programme was loaned to me by Joyce, one of our Harp regulars who is a friend of Pete's widow Lynne. Lynne very kindly gave permission for me to put this on our site....I am sure there are many fans of this great drummer who will enjoy listening to it.


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