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                  Christmas Cards                         

John and Marie intend to make a donation to charity again this year instead of giving Christmas cards and would be delighted to collect donations from any one who considers doing the same.

We will be donating any proceeds to the Cosford Air Ambulance whose income has been considerably affected by the current financial situation.

See the results of last year's efforts below


Instead of giving each other Christmas cards we collected donations for the Acorns Children's Hospice and raised £110.00, with it donated in my name on behalf of Jazz Club 90 this will be increased to £140.00 through Gift Aid.

Well done everyone, we will be putting the official receipt on the notice board as soon as we have it

 October, 2009...Changes are afoot at the Harp!....long overdue renovation of the lounge means that all the 100s of photos have been removed from the walls. The plaster then in many places gave up the ghost all together with the result that covering with plaster board and then re-plastering was the only option. A few gigs have been played in the resulting echo chamber but now re-decorating is well under way and a new Jazz Club 90 banner and a lot of the photos will soon be back in place, not quite all over the walls as before but still maintaining our hard earned jazz atmosphere!

Photos back in a different setting with new curtains and blinds, all helping to make the Harp an even more welcoming jazz venue.


The gig on May 26th. is billed as the "Barnhart/Hallam Quartet" but Graham Smith has now given us the brilliant news that Jeff Barnhart (superb entertaining pianist and singer from America) and John Hallam (one of the UK's top sax and clarinet players) will now be joined by Jeff's wife, Anne, who plays flute with him in their "Ivory and Gold" performances, and also by one of the UK's brightest young jazz stars, Amy Roberts, on alto sax. Amy was persuaded by Graham to travel down from Keswick jazz festival to join this great line-up which will be driven along by the rhythm section of Graham on drums and Tony Sharp on bass.

Don't be late for this, the first time at the Harp for Jeff and Anne Barnhart and for John Hallam.

John Hallam

Amy Roberts

Jeff and Anne Barnhart

Tony Sharp

Graham Smith

Click photos to enlarge.....Amy's photo by Barry Kesterton

The Night Trippers at the Harp on May 12th.

The Night Trippers is like;

Part gig and part carnival, playing music in the style of, and with the joy of, the New Orleans Mardi-Gras spirit.

Some of the tunes played by the Night Trippers;

Iko Iko, Big Chief, Tipitina, Blueberry Hill, Time is on my side, Down by the Riverside, Buddy Bolden’s Blues, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Such a Night and more!

Enjoy & let the good times roll!



Click photo to enlarge

Sadly clarinet and sax player Mike Turner passed away this morning (Monday. April 20th.) at 10.30, having been ill with bowel cancer since Christmas.

Here in the West Midlands Mike will be remembered for his long association with the Trumpet in Bilston where his band, Swing Parade, have been the Friday night residents for 30 years or more.  Further a-field Mike was the reed player with the Old Fashioned Love Band in the North West.


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