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The Harp Hotel, Albrighton, Shropshire. WV7 3JF   e-mail: jazzclub90@live.co.uk

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Hear some of the finest jazz in the Midlands played by our excellent regular bands and visitors from across the UK and Europe.


The music you can hear is an example of this fine jazz, played by Apex Jazz and Swing Band on an occasion when the late, great John Burnett was on trumpet.

See the "More News" page for details of the improvements to the Harp

Started in 1990 by Allan Austin and George Sims, Jazz Club 90 at the Harp has in the last few years become a popular venue with both musicians and fans alike. The mainly traditional jazz sessions are enjoyed by an enthusiastic and friendly audience who do their best to make new visitors feel welcome. With the help of four lottery grants we have been able to book some of the top names in British and International jazz, with bands from as far afield as Sweden, Russia, Australia, Germany and California.

    Our regular Midlands based bands such as Martinique Jazz Band, Jazz Bandits, Heart of England, and Central City Jazzmen all helped to establish the reputation of the Harp as the place to be on a Sunday and Tuesday, whilst other slightly less regular visitors are Rod Chambers and his Louisiana Joymakers, Wabash Jazzmen, the Bill Bailey Band, Bank Street Syncopators and and Apex Jazz and Swing Band etc.

Our free admission sessions were originally funded mainly by the owner of the Harp, Terry Pibworth, with specials being financed by our "kitty" which  is supported by the raffle run by Marie, or any other willing(?) volunteer, a football card and the sale of rolls by Marie, and any other fund raising events we can think of.  The sad death of Terry on June 11th. 2007 means we are now indebted to  his daughter Donna and son Russell for their continued financial support without which the jazz in Albrighton would not be able to exist.

Donna, with her partner Dave, and Russell intended to keep the Harp as a thriving music, especially jazz, venue for at least 18 months, if they then find they like the drastic lifestyle change, and can make a good living, they will carry on....the good news is that after only a few months Donna, Dave and Russell decided they would be staying much longer, much to the relief of Marie and myself and no doubt jazz fans everywhere!

To help them do this we, and the 3 young people, need your support at all our sessions, the regular local bands as well as the "specials" and bands from further afield.

You don't pay to get in but it does cost to get out!

Please note that our Tuesday sessions are from 8.30-11.00pm and

Sundays are usually 1.00-3.00 with "specials" from 12.30-3.00pm. (check the gig list on our Home page)

    e-mail: jazzclub90@live.co.uk

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