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Albrighton Sports & Social Club,

Cross Road, Albrighton,



Sunday   1.00-3.00 pm

Jazz Club 90




Contact John or Marie on

 01902 756158 or 07947668750

Admission 6.00

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The response we had after arranging an anniversary gig at the Social Club to celebrate 25 years of jazz in Albrighton (on October 25th 2015) made us reconsider our decision not to try to set up elsewhere after the withdrawal by the brewery of funding for the jazz at the Harp.

The Social Club is where we have made the new "home" of Jazz Club 90.

Situated in Cross Road, just up from the High Street, it has an excellent function room (no pillar to block the view!), the bar is in the room and club prices for the drinks.

July 2017.....it is now over 3 years since we left the Harp and the consensus is that the brewery did us a favour when they withdrew their support.....the Social Club, especially the chairman Robin Giles and steward Peter Jordon and his staff, could not be be more supportive and also appreciative of the business we bring in to them.

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The bands are on a portable stage on the dance floor to create a slightly more "intimate" atmosphere than would be the case if they were on the full stage.


     The Club

The interest after the first three gigs made up our minds to  make the Social Club a twice a month venue and we hoped to book many of the bands we have had in the past....this has now become every Sunday as more bands want to play for us than twice a month gigs allow.

In order not to be reliant on "sponsorship" by a brewery we charge 6.00 admission, run the usual raffle and Marie sells her rolls with the blessing of the club chairman, Robin Giles.

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(If you have a problem finding it the club phone number is 01902 372523)

    e-mail: john.howell121@btinternet.com   

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