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Some of the musicians who have entertained us over the years

The great Tommy Burton......one of the Midlands best loved jazzmen and entertainers, Tommy will be remembered by many as "mine host" at the Lord Raglan, as a great pianist and as a hilarious story teller, plus the small matter of a rather prodigious thirst for the odd pint of bitter!     His appearances at the Harp guaranteed a more than full house with many fans in the bar where he could only be heard but not seen.

Tommy's death left a hole in world jazz which is unlikely to ever be filled .......he was unique.

Tommy's "Rose of Washington Square" is the music on this page.


The brilliant Andy Cooper has appeared several times with Heart Of England Jazz Band



The late Dick Chapman from the Antique Six Jazz Band

Tony Hobson, one of the original members of the Eagle Jazz Band and long time member of Heart of England Jazz Band and Jim Shelley's Frisco Jazz Band.

Tony's death was a sad loss to British jazz


A rare event for the Harp....a modern jazz musician!

Abram Wilson brought in his Sextet and soon had the audience in the palm of his hand....much to their suprise!

Quite brilliant.

Gordon Whitworth on form with Wabash Jazzmen


John Beckingham with his Jazz and Blues Band


The great Kenny Baker on his first visit to the Harp, seen here with another superb trumpet man, John Burnett.



Another brilliant musician who is sadly no longer with us, "Jumping" Jack Gilbert was always a welcome visitor.

Sarah Spencer, tenor sax player and blues shouter extraordinaire! Steve Steinhaus, the larger than life leader and singer with the Dr. Teeth Big Band

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